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The Dr. Chris story
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Where it all began

In order to know a little bit about Dr. Chris, one has to take a trip - off the island - to the mainland. Dive deep into the interior of the continent, all the way to the prairie heartland, on the banks of a body of water that bears little resemblance to our crystalline blue Pacific; the muddy Mississippi River - home of giant carp and catfish. It was there, in Moline, Illinois, that Chris grew up with three brothers, a sister, and loving parents.

His father, Don McNeil, was a dentist in this river town community, with a practice that spanned 50 years and numbered legions of devoted patients. It was at his father's knee that Chris got his first exposure to life at The Office; helping prepare fillings, assisting in the darkroom with x-ray negs, cleaning and polishing the instruments, observing his dad's delicate touch and winning personality. No wonder that later on Chris, after obtaining his BS in Biology at Macalester College in St. Paul, went on to U of Illinois for dental school - just like his dad.

A vision of the future comes into focus

All these years Chris and his siblings were honing a keen interest in water sports, thanks to many years of competitive swimming (Chris was a High School and College All American in 1978,1979 and 1980) and summers spent in the big wind and waves of the Great Lakes.

After graduating dental school in 1988, Chris took associated with his father in Moline before setting his horizons on California, where he and his new bride, Annie, re-settled in the small town of Forestville, Sonoma County. There he associated with Dr. E. J. LeDu before becoming the sole owner of the practice when his mentor retired.

Westward migration

It was in Sonoma County, California, that he and Annie developed their insatiable passion for surfing and windsurfing, plying their developing skills in the frigid, windswept wastes of the northern Pacific - sharks and seals sometimes their only companions. After a successful tenure of 15 years in Forestville, and having established a thriving dental practice and rewarding life within the community, the bug for adventure and new challenges once again bit him. What if he lived in a place where he could work hard, and play hard year round - warm water, tropical breezes?

In 2005, they, (along with their two sons, Dylan and Evan), pulled up stakes and sailed further west to Maui; a place they had been vacationing for years. Settling in Paia, near a gem of a little beach, the family has managed to find that proper balance of work, and play - continuing their pursuit of all types of oceanic water sports. (Chris recently won a Maui windsurfing speed trial when he coaxed his rig to break the 34-knot barrier and was the 2009 champion in the Maui Race Series). He is obviously making good use of his time outside the office.

A unique life - and passion for excellence

So, if you want a dentist versed in (and equipped for) the most modern techniques, but grounded in timeless, old school values - learned from an artisan who knew how to take great care of people's teeth without the benefit of 21st century technology - then Dr. Chris McNeil is that rare blend. Best of all, he is a nice guy, and can spin some ripping yarns about his salt water adventures. Just ask him.


Dr. Chris McNeil DDS 1830 Wells St. Wailuku, Maui HI 96793 phone: 242-9708 email: <MAP>