Do you floss? #letsmakemauismileIf you floss regularly, that’s great. The professionals at the Dr Chris McNeil dental office know the importance of FLOSSING regularly – and we try to remind our patients all the time. Why should you floss? Technically speaking, it dislodges debris, and disrupts “biofilm” (the stuff that becomes harmful plaque). In other words, it keeps the mouth clean in ways that brushing alone can not. Our job is to convey this information regularly to you, our patients, and stress the importance of the practice.

Whether they admit it or not, research shows that most patients do not floss regularly. Regarding certain tasks, there resides a level of laziness that we all share – and some give in to. Beyond that, we are all armed with Google, and can find “fake news” available out there these days to discredit flossing’s effectiveness, believe it or not …  and this could give patients a release from any guilt they feel for not following our recommendations.

Let me put it to you straight: If you’re someone who resists making flossing a regular activity, I can give you a very graphic visual of what happens when you eat, how oral bacteria eat the food that you eat, and produce waste right onto your teeth (very acidic and, over time, can cause decay).

If knowing that stirs you to action, that’s great! Make it easy for yourself. Put floss everywhere, from your car, to your shower, kitchen, nightstand, or coffee table. This ensures you have easy access to floss and can easily and conveniently take the time each day to complete your floss. Keep that mouth clean! Take charge of your dental health & hygiene. You don’t want US to give you bad news about costly “damage control” dental procedures next time you come to visit. Right? See you at the office! #letsmakemauismile


“I have been Dr. McNeil’s patient for more years than I can count. From the first day I met him and received treatment, I knew I did not need to look any further for a friendly, professional, and competent dentist. He has a unique office manner that makes you feel comfortable throughout any procedure (and I have experienced most).”

Ron S.